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Brisbane Piano Competitions

By Nicholas Trevatt - July 07, 2014

Brisbane Local Piano Competitions and Eisteddfods

Brisbane is fortunate to have a variety of local piano competitions to suit any type of student.  Perhaps you would like to compete head-to-head with the leading piano student's in Brisbane or even test your skills against the elite young pianists from around Queensland and beyond.  You can do that right here in Brisbane.  

On the other hand, you might like to simply enjoy playing in front of a laid-back, encouraging audience against piano students of a similar standard where all students are playing piano pieces of exactly the same grade as you.  Well, you can do that right here as well.  

But why would you want to put yourself through this kind of torture you might ask?  

Piano Competitions are Fun!

Really?  Fun?  Absolutely!  Sure you might be a bit nervous leading up to that moment you step out on stage and set your fingers on the piano keys, but as you hear the rousing applause from the audience you'll have an enormous sense of joy and pride as you realize that you did it!  Your sense of achievement will bring a wide smile to Mum, Dad and yourself.  I guarantee it.

A Goal To Drive your Piano Practice

It is well known that most of us achieve more in life when we have a tangible goal in our sights to aim for.  Goals with a fixed date and a little bit of pressure help us to stay focussed on the target.  They help us to go that extra mile and strive for excellence on your journey with piano.  Local piano esiteddfod's can be your smaller goals that act as stepping stones towards bigger milestones.  Like your next AMEB piano exam!


Most adjudicators in the local eisteddfods and piano competitions around Brisbane are professional, very encouraging and offer valuable constructive feedback, often verbally and always in a written report.  Many adjudicators are also AMEB piano examiners or lecturers in our fine Queensland tertiary institutions and getting constructive criticism from them is simply a fantastic opportunity.  There have been countless times where we have heard comments from adjudicators that exactly mirror what we have been preaching to a student and this can be exactly what the student needs to hear from someone else to redirect their focus.

Meet Like-minded People

The piano can be a lonely instrument.  Piano students simply don't have the same opportunities to collaborate and socialize with like-minded people like other instrumentalists do.  Piano competitions are a great place to be reminded that you aren't the only one sitting at the piano practicing your scales and pieces every day!  You might even make some piano friends if you're nice and if we all make sure we don't take the whole 'competition' thing too seriously!  After all, we are all doing it because we love beautiful music aren't we?

Find Brisbane Piano Competitions

Here are our favourite piano competitions and eisteddfods in Brisbane.  Click the links to check out their websites.