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Aural Lessons

Are Aural Skills Important?

Aural tests are a required component of all Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) exams and doing well with them can mean the difference between getting or not getting the result you are hoping for!

What are Aural Tests?

Aural tests are used in music exams to test how well your musicianship skills are progressing.  Each grade incorporates different or more difficult tests.  Here are just some of the tests used in AMEB exams:
  • Listen to a melody played on the piano and clap the rhythm back.
  • Identify whether a melody is in duple or triple time.
  • Identify how far 2 notes are apart from each other just by listening.
  • Listen to a melody played on the piano and sing it back.
  • Memorize a short melody away from your instrument and then play or sing it back from memory.
  • Identify cadences just by listening.

Can I Improve My Aural Skills?

Absolutely!  Like most things in music it just needs regular practising.  Waiting until the last few weeks before the exam to 'brush up' on your aural skills isn't a great idea for most students.  

Aaagh!  Why Do I Have To Sing?

We've heard this question plenty of times from students who cringe at the thought of having to sing in front of others.  They just want to play their instrument.  But, it's really not that bad when you'r  focussed on the goal.  We have managed to get even the most shy students to sing.  The teaching approach is very important and focussed on creating a light, encouraging and non-threatening atmosphere.  In fact, it can be fun.  Really!

Can We Help?

Your instrumental or vocal teacher might be doing regular aural work with you in preparation for your exam and if so, then that's fantastic!  There's no need to do anything else.  Just keep working with your teacher.

However, there are occasions when instrumental or vocal teachers might not feel as comfortable at the piano as their own instrument and would prefer a piano teacher (and often the accompanist) to help the student in this area.  That's no problem at all and it would be our pleasure to help you feel more confident with your aural tests in the exam. 

If you would like to organize an aural test preparation lesson with us then pop over to our Contact Us page, fill in the form and send us your message.