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Piano Results 2012

AMEB Piano Exams 

All piano exams listed are from the standard classical syllabus unless labelled "Leisure".  Check out our Exams article which discusses the different types of exams and examination boards.

Student Grade Result
Isobelle Trevatt Grade 4 A+
Jaris Kassim Grade 4 A+
Dominic Trevatt Preliminary A+
Benjamin Routledge Preliminary Leisure A+
Jenny Zheng Grade 8 A
Rebecca Dai Grade 7 A
Alan Xu Grade 7 A
Eunice Wong Grade 6 A
Isabelle Ting Grade 5 A
Nathan Chan Grade 4 
Anouk Hendriks Grade 3 A
Jamie Chan Grade 2 A
Kasper Hendriks Grade 1 A
Jordan Hunt Grade 1 A
Sarah Schramm Grade 1 A
Tiana Tong Grade 1 A
Michelle Wang Grade 1 A
Rachel Eng Preliminary A

Redlands Eisteddfod

Congratulations to the following students who recently competed in the Redlands Eisteddfod.

Student Section Result
Charis Lau Grade 7 & 8 Winner
Anouk Hendriks Grade 3 Winner
Jeremy Sun Piano Solo - 7 years/under Winner
Eunice Wong Piano Solo - 11 years 2nd
Jeremy Sun Grade 1 2nd
Nathan Chan Piano Solo -  9 Years 3rd
Grace Sun Grade 2 3rd
Kasper Hendriks Grade 1 3rd
Dominic Trevatt Jazz Piano Solo - 7 Years/under 3rd
Dominic trevatt Preliminary Grade 3rd
Nathan Chan Jazz Piano Solo - 9 Years HC
Isobelle Trevatt Piano Solo - 8 Years HC
Isobelle Trevatt Jazz Piano Solo - 8 Years HC
Grace Sun Piano Solo - 8 Years HC
Jamie Chan Piano Solo - 7 Years/under HC
Jamie Chan Grade 2 HC
Justin Jap Grade 1 HC

Queensland Piano Competition

The Queensland Piano Competition is the premier piano competition for young pianists in Queensland.

Student Section Result
Jeremy Sun 7 years and under 2nd Place
Isobelle Trevatt 9 years and under Certificate of Merit

Brisbane Eisteddfod

The Brisbane Eisteddfod is one of the toughest piano competitions in 
Queensland with the best young pianists competing. We are very proud of all the Treviano students who participated in this fantastic event and congratulate them all.  Check out the videos of selected live performances.

Student Section Result
Jeremy Sun Piano Aggregate Trophy 6 Yrs & Under Winner
Jeremy Sun Highest Mark Award in Piano - 98 Points Winner
Rebecca Dai Baroque Era - 10 years Winner
Jaris Kassim Grade 4 Piano Solo Winner
Jeremy Sun Piano Solo Award 6 Yrs Winner
Jeremy Sun Grade 1 Piano Solo Winner
Jeremy Sun Memory - 6 years Winner
Isobelle Trevatt 20th/21st Century - 8 years 2nd
Jaris Kassim Piano Solo Award 9 Yrs 2nd
Isobelle Trevatt 20th/21st Century Solo - 8 Yrs 2nd
Jamie Chan Grade 2 Piano Solo 2nd
Jeremy Sun Baroque Era - 7 years/under 2nd
Dominic Trevatt Baroque Era - 7 years/under VHC
Grace Sun Grade 2 Piano Solo VHC
Grace Sun Piano solo 8 years VHC
Isobelle Trevatt Piano solo 8 years VHC
Jeremy Sun 20th/21st Century - 7 years/under VHC
Dominic Trevatt Preliminary / Initial VHC
Isobelle Trevatt Memory - 8 years VHC
Jamie Chan Piano Solo 7 years VHC
Rebecca Dai Grade 7 Piano Solo HC
Rebecca Dai Memory - 10 years HC
Grace Sun 20th/21st Century - 8 years HC
Dominic Trevatt Memory - 6 years HC
Dominic Trevatt Piano Solo - 6 years HC
Jamie Chan Baroque Era - 7 years & under HC
Grace Sun Memory - 8 years HC
Isobelle Trevatt Grade 4 Piano Solo HC      
Eunice Wong Memory - 11 years HC
Eunice Wong Grade 6 HC