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Hall Of Fame Temp

Students are eligible to enter our Hall of Fame when they are awarded a Diploma from the AMEB; an A+ for a graded AMEB exam or when they win a major award in a piano competition.

All piano exams were sat using the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) classical syllabus.  Not the Piano for Leisure syllabus unless specifically noted with 'PL'.  If you're not sure what this means then check out our article on examination boards and types of exams.

AMEB Grades - High Distinctions (A+)

ALL of the following results are a high distinction (A+) for an AMEB piano exam grade. They are exceptional achievements for the students, teachers and parents!

Student Level

Henry Luo Grade 7
Emma Bures Grade 4
Jonathan Edwards Grade 2
Jaris Kassim Grade 7
Terry Luo Grade 7
Henry Luo Grade 6
Emma Bures Grade 3
Rebecca Dai Grade 8
Jamie Chan Grade 4
Christopher Cheung Grade 2
Isobelle Trevatt Grade 4
Rachel Eng Grade 2
Emma Bures Grade 1
Jaris Kassim Grade 4
Jason Yang Grade 5
Isobelle Trevatt Grade 3
Nathan Chan Grade 3
Jamie Chan Preliminary
Jaris Kassim Grade 3
Shirley Shou Grade 8
Sarah Chan Grade 3
Jenny Zheng Grade 3
Shirley Shou Grade 6
Charis Lau Grade 2
Lorraine Fung Grade 6
Stephanie Chan Grade 2
Jarrod Lam Preliminary
Shelley Xing Grade 1
Alan Xu Grade 1
Rebecca Dai Grade 1
Eva Liu Grade 1
Geoffrey Wu Grade 7
Winnie Yum Grade 1
Stephanie Chan Grade 1
Geoffrey Wu Grade 6
Katie Yu Grade 1
Amelia Daley Grade 4
2011 Hall Of Fame Students

Queensland Piano Competition

Naomi Harris9 Years and Under - Winner

Brisbane Eisteddfod

Isobelle Trevatt4MBS Recording Opportunity - Winner


Christy YuA.Mus.A
Naomi HarrisA.Mus.A
Geoffrey WuA.Mus.A
Iris FungA.Mus.A
Lorraine FungA.Mus.A

Certificate of Performance

Lorraine FungHonours